Nostalgia moment

When I was a kid at school we had this yearly writing competition called the Macintyre Young Writers Awards.I first entered in grade one and it was my first taste of creative writing, though at the time I was six and the idea of me becoming a creative writer would not emerge until I was a teenager.

I don’t remember if I won anything that year, but in grade 7 I did. I got a certificate for a three chapter story saying that I got a recommendation or high recommendation, I can’t remember. But what I did remember was that who ever wrote my name on it spelled it wrong.

Thanks, you were obviously not looking at my name on the attached form.

But I’m over that, I’ve gotten used to people not being able to spell the last name Haggarty. Even now it is accompanied with that red squiggly underline saying this word is not spelled properly.

It was a pity that the Macintyre Young Writer’s was not pushed more in high school, but the teachers didn’t seem to care 😦

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