Before I get ahead of myself . . . I need to publish first

Today I met up with a person from my class to discuss some of my writing. We’re doing an editing course and he’s editing a piece of my work (I’m editing someone else’s). The main thing is that he says he likes my work 🙂

So that’s all that matters – joking.

I have often thought what I would do to celebrate my first book sale. Maybe I would got out for dinner with friends, or simply spend it on bills 😦

But before all that I have to finish writing (which I have with two stories) and then edit them (doing one at the moment). And then since I’m going to self publish I’m going to have to design a cover because covers sell books (whether you like it or not).

And then if I think it is good enough I will probably have to edit again, because manuscripts only seem well written if your exhausted from editing. After I have done this part a few more times I will only then be ready to publish.

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