Is creativity a thing you have to be born with?

When I was in my creative writing classes for my bachelor’s, the topic ‘Where does creativity come from?’ often came up.

Is creativity something that can be taught and developed to people that do not ‘naturally’ possess it? Or do you have to be born with it?

Can creativity (if you have it) be limited to one field? Like drawing, writing, painting, sewing, design, etc.

Are these creative fields a skill like anything else that everyone has and with practice can be improved?

Or does creativity need passion from an individual for it to become something?

What do you think? Leave some comments below.

8 thoughts on “Is creativity a thing you have to be born with?

  1. Originality is something a person is born with. Creativity comes and shapes and sizes. If a human beings works – education, experimenting, trial and error and tries – she can be creative, if she doesn’t have that bent.

  2. What would the logical rational be for originality as something that you are only born with? Also you can express creativity in a variety of fields including in scientific endeavor (look at Craig Ventor’s original and creative work in synthetic biology). Passion is important for the individual to take their creative/original idea to turn it into something (an brilliant invention/discovery is only important if it is put to good use; one could postulate whether or not Isaac Newton would have made such a staunch contribution if it was not for a strong push from a few others). It is also important so that one lowers their chance of their discovery/original works being stolen or manipulated away from them by from someone who recognizes the financial returns (Goebel invented the lightbulb long before Edison, but died and his impoverished widow sold the patent not realizing it’s value). As for where creativity comes from, I am at a loss to answer that with any erudite answer.

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