Having a minor meltdown. I got myself flustered with frustration because I can’t write fast enough and good enough 😦 I just want to finish editing one story, not get tired of it or distracted by another. But it’s not working!

Why can’t I be a genius writer? It would make my life so much easier. But that’s not going to happen because I’m not.


(image source)

I suffer from being a regular speed typist and editor, but blessed with impatience, high standards and fast thoughts 😦 And with traits like these you can see why I’m prone to bouts of frustration. I drive myself mad at my own inability to meet my goals within a unbelievably short time frame. I can’t get what I want done, but when I’m in a frustrated mood I can’t get any thing done 😦

I just have to wait until this mood blows over.

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