Almost there . . . until I realise that I’ve probably got a lot more to do

I let someone read my story for the first time . . . which is a big deal. Apart from the stories I’ve written for class I’ve never let anyone read my stuff. I’ve been too worried about what they’d think, especially if I thought it wasn’t good enough to be read by others.

But I had done two drafts of Feet or Fins and felt it was good enough for the inevitable and non-returnable action of lending it to someone else for critique. And you know what, it wasn’t too bad. My world didn’t implode when they pointed out plot flaws and stuff they didn’t understand. It meant that I had more work to do if I wanted it to be as great as it can be.

At least if I learnt only one thing from my bachelor’s then it is to take and accept criticism and use it to improve my work. Fist bump USC!

I think that my story will be ready after a few more drafts and I’m getting pretty excited 🙂

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