Fifth edit here I come

Just started a 5th draft of novel the other day and realised that it seems like I’ve never edited it before. The prologue alone was a sea of coloured editing marks 😦 This edit better be better than the last four coz it looks like I’m going to be having some late nights. Is it a case that I’m improving or I am simply bad?

Does anyone else have this problem?

2 thoughts on “Fifth edit here I come

  1. Have you sent your novel to some beta readers? We as authors are our own worst critics once we get past the “but this is my baby” stage, and it’s difficult to say “it’s there, I can’t really make it better.” Beta readers will tell you that, and perhaps point out things you missed. If you’re at 5 drafts and it feels like nothing has changed, I strongly suspect that it’s “there”, you just aren’t sure of it yet.

  2. I’ve got people reading it and one has commented on the beginning. Which was really helpful because I didn’t see what I needed to change. I also got a really in depth review where they constructively ripped it apart 😦 But I asked for it and could see where they were coming from. I think it is because I’m seeing it with new eyes. At this stage it looks like I’m might have to re-write all or large sections of it. Which is more than I did for my last draft.

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