My 5 year plan

The other day I began making a 5 year plan. And while I have only filled out the rest of this year, it made me realise that my years are slipping by and I need a schedule to keep me on track. I am so glad I did this and now that I can visualise my time, I can make it work for me.

By the end of the year I plan to;

  • have 9 novels planned out. Currently these books are either completed and ignored, half written and ignored or in the various stages of planning.
  • Publish my first novel.
  • Start going over my stories I wrote for my creative writing classes during my undergrad and fix them up for publication. I read 2 the other day and after immeasurable cringing and thoughts of ‘how did I pass this class’ I realised that at least I’m getting better.

I’m hoping that once I publish my first book then the next ones will be easier 🙂



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