It’s not so bad :)

I should be given a discount for being so honest about how I screwed up my computer. The guy at the shop even mentioned I was the first to be honest, as people are usually like “ah something is wrong with my computer and I don’t know what it is”. The other day I was accidentally spilt chunky soup all over my laptop 😦 The damage was that the whole right side of my keyboard didn’t work and frustratingly the occasionally key on the other side. Like the letter D, I needed that for my password. Though luckily my computer was a touch screen and I could just open up an onscreen keyboard 🙂 It’s at the repairers now and hopefully I will get a quote on how much the damage will be.

It’s been days since I last had it with me and there are times when I don’t know what to do with myself. I can’t watch movies/tv shows, i can’t play games, write or browse the internet.

I’m lost!

I can use the computers at uni (even though I graduate last year, my login details still work. yay!) But by the afternoon I’m exhausted and when I arrive home there is nothing to do. I can re-read my books, but sometimes I’m just not in the mood for it.

But on the upside the lack of distraction is proving a boon for my creativity. Just the other day I managed to think of how to start off 2 books that have been in my head for years 🙂 And writing on paper as opposed to typing is something I haven’t done in a while either.

Since I’m being so unproductive atm, once I get my computer back I’m going to zoom through the backlog 🙂



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