New story project – Laidley’s Letter: Volume 1

While I’m almost finished Feet or Fins I’ve gone off and become distracted by both work and a new book. This one is a young adult revolving around 17 year old Ada. It chronicles her life as her world changes due to her father’s infidelity towards her mother. I’ve decided that the story is going to be presented in a trilogy and I’ve almost finished the first draft of the first book. It feels like it’s going to be a good one too 🙂 The story deals with trust, relationships, conflict, moving to a new area and how one person deals with it all.

The title of the book ‘Laidley’s Letter’ revolves around the idea that at the end of each novel there will be a letter written by Ada as she attempts to explain her feelings in a concise way. Something she can’t really do vocally. Each book is going to have one of these letters at the end as a conclusion to the book’s contents.

Currently it is in its infancy so it’ll be a long time before it goes anywhere. I’m going to be writing the trilogy together so that I don’t make any mistakes in what info is presented in the book.


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