Laidley’s Letter vol. 1 is completed

Finished my first draft of Laidley’s Letter 🙂 i feel so good about it too. I think it’s going to be a good trilogy to write. At the moment I am unsure if I should edit it or write up an outline for no. 2. Currently I think the book sits at just under 40,000 words and it will probably increase with each draft that I do. Which is a good thing because I read on a Smashwords post that longer books have a better chance at selling AND series sell better than individual books. But I already learnt that at uni because the teachers that taught the classes had experience in the Australian publishing industry, so they already know the trends etc.

Anyway getting back to my story I want to do a draft of this book as soon as possible, but I don’t want to ‘miss out’ anything or forget to put things in the sequel. But at the same time again I feel a bit exhausted with the story. So I’ve been taken over by yet another story. I’m not sure how people would react to this one. But I’m going to write it anyway.

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Global traveller. Writer. Minimalist. I spent my first 25 years in Australia. Moved to Edinburgh for the next four and a half years and now reside in the Netherlands. In my spare time, I try to write whatever takes my fancy, and that involves YA, Sci-fi and fantasy.

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