I’m sure my words aren’t as bad.

So I’m reading this book at the moment. To people who know me, they know I can churn through a good book from cover to cover in a few hours. But this one is taking me weeks.

It is so cringe worthily bad – the cliches (OMG the horror). I’m emotionally embarrassed for the author. I’m not even 100 pages into it and I know I’m not going to finish it. It’s like the author is trying to write his book in a made for TV way. Which I recon would be a bad movie too. I read the acknowledgments at the back and he mentioned he had a lot of input from his editor. So I’m thinking did it make the book better or worse?

God help me. If I had written a book this cringe worthy then I’d have to have a good long look at myself. If I was desperate enough to print it then I sure as hell wouldn’t use my real name. And then I find out that this is his third published book!

I wonder how bad the others are?

And I wonder if people who write cringe worthy material realize how it will be read by others. Surely they must be able to separate the words they use from the thoughts in their head?



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