OMG Smashwords!

So I uploaded my first novel Feet or Fins to Smashwords a week or so ago, but I keep getting formatting errors. First to do with the fact that I had change the 2010 word doc down to the 97-2003 version, but now for the last 3/4 times it has been to do with chapter bookmarks in the table of contents. It is so frustrating and I hope I finally got it right.

I put up the book for pre-release because I haven’t got my ITIN yet as I only got around to getting everything in order for it two-ish weeks ago. So I’m expecting it to come in the mail this month or so. It better coz I spent $60 for a US embassy passport certification too. So once I get it in the mail I’m going to submit the W-8ben straight away. Getting an ITIN has been such an issue to me, but I think it is finally over 🙂 It’s going to make every thing so much easier from now on.

Feet or Fins ebook cover

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