This better be it

Realised that I needed to do another draft of my story before I can publish it 😦 After 12/13 edits I’m going to say that I am well and truly done with this book. Once I finish this draft I will never want to have anything to do with it ever again.

My God. Why can’t I just finish it and be done with it!!!!

It always seems like I can never do a good enough job on it. I see problems everywhere and they need to fixed. Where were those editing glasses when I finished the last edit?

Probably smashed on the ground because I threw them out a window in frustration and false resolution.

I just want this to be done. I’ve read other author accounts that imply they didn’t have much problem with their books. And not only that but managed to finishes a bunch of others.

I wanna cry and scream!!!

But that won’t help. I just have to trudge through it like it’s the last part of that god awful hike from my year 11 camp 😦 (Three days camping and a hiking rate of 1km an hr 😦 And when I finally got back to the main site there was still the last steps. Affectionately nicknamed the 55 steps of misery).

55 steps of misery indeed. That is this edit. The unexpected last part of the journey to completion.

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