Feet or Fins is AVAILABLE!

Feet or Fins ebook cover

I’m so excited. My first self-published book is now available 🙂 I first put it up on Smashwords on the 31st of May but I haven’t been promoting it so now I am. This is a synopsis of Feet or Fins;

Thirty years ago Ema barely escaped the clutches of land dwellers. Though she disobeyed the rules of her society by not carrying out her duty, she believed everything would be fine. But upon her return, her sister Myli is kidnapped and both Ema and her sister are forced to deal with the consequences from that night. With the fortuitous discovery of others of her own kind they set out to retrieve Myli and prevent the world from discovering their existence. But things are not as they appear and Ema’s deception and betrayal does not bode well for her. She knows that however she decides to act this time round, she must deal with the consequences.

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