My first offical book review :)

A while back Chris got me in touch with a person from Linen Press about doing a book review in lieu of receiving a free copy. I checked out their website and choose Dogwood. Here is my review below (they posted an excert on their tumblr page 🙂 ). It is also on my Goodreads account.



“Parnell’s Dogwood is an adventure into the troubling and unnerving world of three childhood friends. Harper returns from a stint in prison to discover that her friends, Caro and Collier, are not what they used to be. Through choice and chance all their lives are taking different paths and Harper must decide what path to take. Though mostly set in the present, the novel is disrupted by scenes from the past and future. This disruption, along with Parnell’s raw and unflinching portrayal of her characters will unnerve you, both repelling and drawing you into the world of Dogwood. It is the telling of the hidden realm of girls and young women like Harper. It’s her story of coming to grips with her abusive world and how her actions shape it.”



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