Nine months here

I’ve been in Edinburgh for nine months now and it has been an unbelievable journey.

Before I arrived here Chris had been gone for a month and I was left without a SO for the first time in years. The feeling was odd and the sleep was restless (for a week). But after a lone 24 hours of solid flying and packing my entire life in suitcase and backpack I was in Edinburgh. I met up with Chris was a kiss ans stinky breath 😦

Since that day – the 23rd of March ( also days after my 25th bday), I’ve been in a situation where I have to stand completely on my own two legs because I have to. There is no safety net to fall back on like welfare because I am not a citizen. I have to always be on the lookout for my own welfare and stability. While I had this back home it was not like it is now.

Unlike others that have come before me, I’ve had the advantage that Chris has been able to support me both financially and emotionally. But when I arrived I had only a few hundred dollars exchanged and no job. When I got my bank account set up they listed me as a housewife 😦 A title that I do not like because I want to be more than that. I am a person with creative writing ambition and financial self-sufficient goals. (Also note that Chris began calling me House Frau just to be a shit 😦 )

The first job I got here I rage quit because it was a terrible place to work at. Minimum wage, no tips, my co-workers – one or two alright, the rest shit. And my boss was an absolute asshole. Something I can not stress enough.

But the moment I quit I felt better. Then that day I began handing out resumes, one of them being a restaurant next door to our new place. I got a call from them a few hours later and got the job 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 It’s a place infinitely better than my last place and the people are a better quality set of individuals.

Fast forward to after Chris and I’s trip to Amsterdam for our belated honeymoon and I decided to be serious about going to the gym. One of my co-workers had asked if I was pregnant before I headed off and my mum asked if I was too after she saw the photos we put on Facebook. I just happen to carry my weight around my stomach and thighs.

Knowing that in comparison to others I’m not that heavy but I came to a flash point in life. I thought to myself (trying not to be vain), Steph you are now at 60kg. The heaviest you’ve ever been. You can continue like this slowly or can put in the effort to lose it. I choose to lose it. Fortunately for me I had split shifts at work so I could go to the gym between them, and gym was only a 10 min walk from my house 🙂 And since September I’ve lost six kilos and I’m still planning on losing four more.

While my writing has stalled because of all the time invested in twice a day gym sessions, I do not regret it because I am seeing results. Like one a week for the first month and this plateau I’m on at the moment is something I can beat.




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