Working on book four

While taking a break from The Backup Girl I’m working on book four. So far it’s title is called One Good Thing. It’s a dystopian tale about a young woman’s journey to rescue her husband from a slave mining labour camp.

Currently I have about 20,000 words written and instead of chapters I’m having parts. I’ve just edited the first part again, and I’ve got to finish writing/editing the second part and then I’ve got to write-up the rest of it. I think it might end up as long as my first book Feet or Fins.

I think I might be working exclusively on this book after The Backup Girl is finished. But something in me thinks that I’ll probably be working on my fifth book the sci-fi one as well. I had a mini breakthrough on that book in terms of plot and characterisation the other day. It’s slowly getting there 🙂

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