The downside of being a writer

Every so often I head over to the bookshop that is around the corner from me and have a look at the titles on offer. But I’m not interested in any of them. It’s like the stories contained in between those pages are not interesting to me. And slapping an award on it doesn’t tip the odds in their favour either.

I think it might be because I’m becoming a story snob. I spend so much time thinking about my stories and how I want them written that when I read a book I can only nit pick it to how I want it. That includes the story itself, how’s it written, where certain parts of information is located.

God damn my craft is messing up my leisure.

Am I the only one or are others suffering like me?

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Global traveller. Writer. Minimalist. I spent my first 25 years in Australia. Moved to Edinburgh for the next four and a half years and now reside in the Netherlands. In my spare time, I try to write whatever takes my fancy, and that involves YA, Sci-fi and fantasy.

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