Why I write


Some weeks ago I happened into a conversation with a – by their own admission – very non-creative person. This person was in the academic/science field and they were very curious about the creative process. By even just mentioning the fact that when I watch a TV show/movie my mind wanders off on its own and wonders how I would react to being placed in such situations (btw dead in ep one of Game of Thrones) he was fascinated. He told me his mind does not work like that. I also couldn’t comprehend how his mind works either. No daydreams and fantastical journeys? What is it like to have a brain like that? Do you not fly?

It also made me really think about why I even write to begin with. To me it’s a little bit of exploration and fun, but ultimately maybe it’s my way of understanding humanity, including my own. During university, even though I only did a few psychology and sociology courses I found them very informative and enjoyable in terms of understanding the human psych and our society. Even though they were only introduction courses.

To people who know me, they know me as quiet and shy. But in my head I’m pondering big questions and moral dilemmas. There’s a lot in life to ponder about guys, the world’s pretty complex. And writing about it in a creative way is just my way of figuring them out and preserving it too. As it would seem a shame for my creative written responses to never see the light of day. This recently discovered reason has been a revelation.


Turns out I’m super nosy about people and their lives so I create completely fictional stories about them using completely fictional characters. It kind of also explains my prefernce to stay indoors and away from people. It’s my safe space way of engaging with the rest of humanity. My life makes so much sense now.

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