That letter from my past self.

Last year I wrote a letter to myself of all the things that I should accomplish in the 2016. Instead of waiting until January I opened it a week or so ago.

I did not complete any of what I had written.

And I am not sure when I will.

That’s not to say that I haven’t done other things of note. I wrote a 120,000 word book in 57 days. I’ve got outlines for other books and another one is in the end stages of editing. Currently I’m 40,000 words into another story and it might be done soon.

Overall, while 2016 might have been pretty bad in general for others but for me it wasn’t so much. Maybe because I have a scatter brain when it comes down to remembering things that are not related to my stories. Yeah I got my first UTI and eczema, but they’re gone. I’ve somehow managed to repeatedly break out in pimples like a teenager, even though I never got them until now. I’m also getting over a double cold, just as I was recovering from a mild form I got hit with a stronger hammer. But that’s all happened in the last few months.

In a week or two things will get back to normal. Life goes on.


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