Amsterdam Holiday, 2015


Stereotypical Netherlands, Zaanse Schans.


It’s taken me too long to get this out here. Chris and I’s trip to Amsterdam in late 2015 was our long overdue honeymoon.

Wednesday, September 23rd:

Early flight to Amsterdam followed by a train into the city where we walked to our Airbnb place (which was boss by the way). Followed by us just walking around the city exploring. We passed a train station and there was a bicycle car park and all the levels were just covered in bikes like a mass of grey. We saw a lot of coffee shops, shops that sold pot and places the did both.

Thursday, September 24th:

Took the train out into the countryside where we met a long time friend of Chris’ who drove us to Zaanse Schans to look at the windmills. After that we drove to Zandvoort, a very beachy town that I liked because it actually showed me that Europe had beaches that reminded me of the ones back in Australia. Along the way we passed a town called Haarlem. We had some drinks in a church turned pub and then saw a clog museum (turns out you need to wear special socks with those shoes).

Friday, September 25th:

We did a lot this day. Went to see Body Worlds by Gunther Von Hagen followed by a canal cruise where we saw more of the city. We saw a sex museum that was very average and then did some more wandering about taking in the architecture. That night we walked through the red light district, it wasn’t that impressive, very touristy.

Saturday, September 26th:

We went to the Torture Museum and then to the awesome Dutch Resistance Museum, where we spent a few hours there. It was a wealth of information about resistance against the Nazi’s, I recommend it a lot. Then we found a little love lock bridge, but I’m not sure if it was an offical thing. We then wandered into this small but shitty pub that gave me a drink with flies in it 😦 And we also went hunting for a certain market, but found only a dodgy side street, I don’t think that it was on that day.

Sunday, September 27th:

It was a lazy day. Before we got the train back to the airport we met up with a friend Chris hadn’t seen in years and flew back late that day.

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