New short story idea!

Last night during an uncharacteristically slow night at work, I began thinking over this pretty awesome scene that had appeared in my head days earlier. It didn’t have a place for it in any of my other stories I had and didn’t want to let it go. So I began thinking about other things that I could relate to it, like how such a scene could have gotten there in the first place and what type of people might have interacted with it etc. Soon I had some events floating in my head that felt like they had a really good connection.

I wrote what I had on my notepad and shoved the pages in my pocket. When I got home I thought about it even more and the next morning I wrote out the events of how I saw the story take place. At the time I was thinking that I could make it into a great beginning of a longer story, but I soon realized that it was probably better as a short story.

I have a rough outline/plan and I’m going to try and write it up as soon as possible. Maybe it might be my next project after my other three stories that I’m planning on having out in the next few months are completed.

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