How I not market

I’m pretty shite when it comes to marketing. Yeah, I’ve got a blog, but have you gone through it? It’s not that impressive. However, I am a lot better at writing. My strategy is that I continue to put out works and eventually build up an impressive list, like maybe 15-20 titles. Sooner or later some of them are going to take off . . . right? That’s how you become a famous author . . . right? And then it stimulates sales for the others, that’s how you get rich  . . . right?

Actually, as time goes on and as I build my portfolio I figure I’d start to get over my shyness and expand into the internet ether. I know eventually, I’m going to have to jump but . . . just one more book.

But four titles in and I’m only now starting to put myself out there. For the most part, I just keep to myself. I’m a really shy person and combine that with preferring my own company you get the recipe for someone who’s really productive with their writing 🙂 I mean like God damn! No way would I have accomplished as much as I have if it wasn’t for my personality.


No, seriously I know eventually that I’m going to have to put out ads and talk to people but there is always tomorrow.



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