What next?

I’m burnout from the three stories I’m currently on. I’ve been focusing on nothing else but them. Which probably explains why the last edit I did of Jumpstart was so painful. I just want to finish them and move onto other things.

But the thought of working on them instills a sense of avoidance. However, I do not want to waste my time not working on something. So maybe I’ll go back to some of my older stories that I neglected because I got shiny new idea syndrome.

2 thoughts on “What next?

  1. Maybe you just need a new perspective, the feeling that you aren’t alone in your editing journey. You might try working with a beta reader, editor, or book coach who can point out all the good things in your stories so you don’t just get swamped by the areas that need work.

    You might be interested in our Writers Club, https://ryanlanz.com/writers-club/. It partners with publishing professionals and offers free book editing as a member perk.

    Hope the burn-out gets better soon!

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