I have a new fantasy YA in mind

While I was on a holiday in Germany with Chris I got the idea for a new story. It’s mostly a YA (some adult characters will have significant time) fantasy. It’s mostly split between two people with opposing lifestyles that are connected through blood to this now defunct royal family that was wiped out during a revolution thirty years prior.

This family and the other elite class (the Alauri) once had the upper hand by possessing supernatural hereditary traits such as telepathy and occasional telekinesis. With these powers, they held an iron grip on their kingdom until the populace grew too disgruntled with them and coupled with the revelation that their powers were waning, they led a revolt that resulted in their genocide. However, there were survivors that either escaped to other countries and kept themselves hidden. That’s the backdrop of the story.

What the story is currently about is about 16 year old Adria. She lives with her mum in the country where it happened and is aware that she possesses the qualities that got the ruling family murdered. However, she is falling behind in rent and decides that using her powers is the way to go. This is where things start to partially unravel for her, she gets arrested and in an act of mercy is sent off to a boarding school on a charity scholarship. It is through this event that her life changes and she starts to develop a strange friendship with another girl like her called Jane.

While at the same time the surviving members of the ruling class are starting their uprising and return to power. But then there is a hitch in their plan. The man they were planning on following, the heir apparent through blood, but born via surrogate, might not be their ticket. the is a rumour that there is another born before him and has right of leadership over him.  However, besides the rumour, there is no concrete evidence and that is causing the issue.

Who is the rightful ruler and where are they? They have to be identified before being discovered to prevent their plan from unravelling.

I’ve currently written 11,000 words and I think it’s going to be a long story. I haven’t a name for it and apart from the beginning, I don’t exactly know where it’s going to go. I think I have an ending that will lead to a sequel, but who knows.

For a while, I was thinking of making it a dystopia, but I do not think that the society as it currently stands meets the requirements. It’s definitely an unpleasant society to be in if you’re a particular person, but it’s more to do with discrimination.


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