Last day of free short story

Becoming stardust is on its last day as being a freebee. The short story prequel is under 10k words and you can read it in an afternoon. In fact, it’s currently listed as number 69 (hehehe) on the Best 45-minute Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Reads. After today the story will be 99 cents and be on exclusively on Kindle until June 9 before appearing on Smashwords.

Here is the synopsis if you’re interested.

Before Ilona took on the identity of a dead girl, she was a hunted girl. Her mother and she had known nothing but running until the bounty hunters finally caught them. Wounded and orphaned, Ilona sneaks her way onto a smuggling ship. Subsequently becoming part of the crew. This appears to be the break that finally gives her a safe upbringing. However, it is just the beginning.

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