The Netherlands Chapter is finished

I arrived on March 15, 2020.

I left on June 1, 2021.

It was a total of 14 months and 18 days. And I based on my experience, I don’t recommend living here.

Utrecht is a beautiful city, no doubt about it. It looks like Amsterdam without the tourists. Come visit it for a day or two but don’t settle in the city, or in the surrounding suburbs or even further out. Rent has been averaging 1200 euros a month, plus the tax rate is too much and healthcare is not free.

I know that the whole Covid thing was just one half of our issues, but it was with a combination of a lot of smaller things that made our stay terrible. I’m just glad that I’m returning to the UK. I had a better quality of life there. In fact, as me and husband self quarantine with a friend in England, we can see that he has a better life on the dole than we did in NL.

It was such an uplifting feeling when we decided to leave NL. And going back to Edinburgh too. I’ve already planned out the next few months. I’m going to rejoin the gym, get a job, get the vaccine and if I might get composite bonding on my teeth.

Also look at this stylised free image of the Netherlands below. It almost looks like this place could have been nice.

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