Frosty nights and sickly days

The last four weeks have been shit for me and my husband. We’ve got some sickness, not Covid, and it’s not getting better. I’ve been coughing like a plague victim on and off for a month and I keep thinking that I’m going to get better in a few days, but time keeps passing and I stay the same. Now I’m thinking that I might not be healthy until December 😦

The nights also come too early. It’s dark by 4.30 and the air already has a chill in the air. I keep hearing about an arctic chill that is supposed to be coming to Edinburgh, but it never does. I’m dreading it when it finally arrives. I keep thinking of a time a few years ago when snow fell down and covered everything and the buses were down for two/three days. I’m starting to think that I might not be able to head back to the gym to lose those kilos until January 😦

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