Time spent

Not too long ago I was asked how long it took me to write my first book. Looking back on my the first blog post and the novel word document about Feet or Fins it shows the date to be Oct 2013 and I subsequently published the story in May/June. That is about 19 months. Which I think is pretty good seeing as though some people takes years or even decades to complete a book. Though that time doesn’t include what I spent on the first draft. But I think that when I finally got into thw swing of writing I completeded it in a few months. I expect my next book to be quicker becuase I have more of an idea of what I am doing and it isn’t as long. Plus it is a Young Adult novel, which to me, feels like an easier genre to complete.

I got distracted and Feet or Fins is still not finished

I got distracted and moved onto another story.

So when I was supposed to be working on the (hopefully) last edit of Feet or Fins I was giving all this time to another project. Good news is that I’ve written just under 10,000 words of a chronological timeline/draft. At first I thought it would be a trilogy, but it is looking like it’s going to be maybe four or five. I’m still playing around with bits and pieces.

So I just changed the publication date on my book on Smashwords and I’ve also taken it down because I’m not proud of the copy I had online because of the grammar issues. Which I didn’t see until after a friend pointed it out. So here is a sincere thanks 🙂

I’ve gotten about three chapters of editing done before I was like, sigh I’m burnt out with this. I wanna move onto something else now.


It’s not so bad :)

I should be given a discount for being so honest about how I screwed up my computer. The guy at the shop even mentioned I was the first to be honest, as people are usually like “ah something is wrong with my computer and I don’t know what it is”. The other day I was accidentally spilt chunky soup all over my laptop 😦 The damage was that the whole right side of my keyboard didn’t work and frustratingly the occasionally key on the other side. Like the letter D, I needed that for my password. Though luckily my computer was a touch screen and I could just open up an onscreen keyboard 🙂 It’s at the repairers now and hopefully I will get a quote on how much the damage will be.

It’s been days since I last had it with me and there are times when I don’t know what to do with myself. I can’t watch movies/tv shows, i can’t play games, write or browse the internet.

I’m lost!

I can use the computers at uni (even though I graduate last year, my login details still work. yay!) But by the afternoon I’m exhausted and when I arrive home there is nothing to do. I can re-read my books, but sometimes I’m just not in the mood for it.

But on the upside the lack of distraction is proving a boon for my creativity. Just the other day I managed to think of how to start off 2 books that have been in my head for years 🙂 And writing on paper as opposed to typing is something I haven’t done in a while either.

Since I’m being so unproductive atm, once I get my computer back I’m going to zoom through the backlog 🙂



Almost there . . . until I realise that I’ve probably got a lot more to do

I let someone read my story for the first time . . . which is a big deal. Apart from the stories I’ve written for class I’ve never let anyone read my stuff. I’ve been too worried about what they’d think, especially if I thought it wasn’t good enough to be read by others.

But I had done two drafts of Feet or Fins and felt it was good enough for the inevitable and non-returnable action of lending it to someone else for critique. And you know what, it wasn’t too bad. My world didn’t implode when they pointed out plot flaws and stuff they didn’t understand. It meant that I had more work to do if I wanted it to be as great as it can be.

At least if I learnt only one thing from my bachelor’s then it is to take and accept criticism and use it to improve my work. Fist bump USC!

I think that my story will be ready after a few more drafts and I’m getting pretty excited 🙂

New computer

The other day I got a new computer, which I must say it is pretty good. I’ve had my old computer since the beginning of 2008, just after I graduated high school. It has served me through multiple universities and tons of assignments.

But as time wore on and after a complete hard drive replacement a few years ago, it was slowly starting to die. It would take ages for it to think about doing one task, while I, not only did multiple non-computer tasks I also said quite a few swear words.


(image from here)

I had been looking for a new computer since the beginning of the year, but have been putting it off because I figured my computer still had a little bit of usefulness left in her. But not that much because sometimes there is a lag in when I type. Not only that, but all the movies/TV series I downloaded* were also affected by the lag, also the DVD player didn’t read all the CDs/DVDs that I put in it.

I was excited when I got my new computer. It had windows 8 which took me a while to get used to and a touchscreen which makes life easier. I adapted to it fast and in class when we had to use the computers there I would occasionally touch the screen expecting it to do something 🙂 I’m still working things out and I found out the Microsoft word trial I got on this computer does not show up previous tract changes from word documents saved over from my old computer, but it doesn’t matter because I’ll figure something out.

* totally not illegal