Becoming Stardust is free for 5 days

If you’re on Kindle unlimited, Becoming Stardust is free on from the 13th to the 17th 🙂 So download it and give me a review 🙂

It is just under 10,000 words so it’s a quick read introducing some of the characters that’ll be appearing in Stardust. Here is the synopsis.

Before Ilona took on the identity of a dead girl, she was a hunted girl. Her mother and she had known nothing but running until the bounty hunters finally caught them. Wounded and orphaned, Ilona sneaks her way onto a smuggling ship. Subsequently becoming part of the crew. This appears to be the break that finally gives her a safe upbringing. However, it is just the beginning.

Three weeks left on 50% sale

There are three more weeks left of Feet or Fins being on sale. You can find this discounted copy at Smashwords. The code is TD66V.

Feet or Fins is a mermaid horror story about twin sisters Ema and Myli. One has been confused for the other and kidnapped, it is now up to her sister to save her and prevent the rest of the world from discovering that they exist.