The Beau Factor

Cora is about to finish highschool, the end is in sight. But there is a lot going on in her life. She has a dick of an older brother, a bitch of a friend and the hot guy next door has a girlfriend. However, she’s decided that it’s now or never. She’s going to make her move.

The Things We Do

Civil war refugee, Lone Honora has been living on the neighbouring planet of Nova Vita under a hidden identity. However, after being sent to jail for theft she comes into contact with someone who knows her true identity. It is now up to her to protect herself and avoid discovery.


Sauska lives in an isolated nation that has been at war with its neighbour for the better part of 50 years. After gaining acceptance into the cryptology school, she has second thoughts about her life.

The Dragon’s Mate

Wizard’s apprentice Osbert and woodcutter’s daughter Estrid live in two worlds. However, when the king that rules them gets a hold of a dragon, things change for the worst.