Tune Trilogy (coming soon)

Jumpstart (Prequel)In progress.

iStock-669387114_1Suspense, mystery, sci-fi, young adult, paranormal.

Odine King’s world is in transition. She is on the cusp of adulthood and on the path of becoming a Dalradian translator. With the soon-to-be-actualized prospect of leaving her home planet and getting to explore a part of space that had been closed until recently, she gets sidetracked by her father’s disappearance. Desperately wanting answers and having endured months of not knowing if she is seeing his ghost or not, she signs up to a paid private psychic research trial. After all, with her father gone, money is tight and if she and mother want to continue living in their apartment then they need to pay the rent.

For lump sum payments, she is even willing to undergo minor electroshock therapy to stimulate her mind, as it has proven effective in another patient. After all, she won’t get paid if she doesn’t show results. But it is only after initiating treatments that she realizes that she might have made a mistake.

I’m planning two more books, Tune In (TBA) and Fine Tune (TBA).