The missing crews of the Chloris and the Electra (coming soon)

Science fiction, mystery, and suspense/thriller.

It’s been six months since the Chloris, a survey and colonist team from a nearby planet docked with the Buwembo Depot Station to receive the next round of supplies. Unable to make radio contact they wait for its sister ship, the Electra, to arrive for resupply and reassurance. Except, like the Chloris, it doesn’t.

Not knowing what has happened and knowing that they are dependent on said supplies, a small crew is sent out to inspect and assist with assumed mechanical repairs. Except what they find is no crew. The residents of the two ships appear to have vanished and there is not much to go on.

Along for the journey is Sarojini, a former resident of the Chloris whose been residing on Buwembo as a carer for a sick child. She is there to assist in their understanding and attempts to solve the mystery of the missing crews of the Chloris and Electra.

Cover: TBA.

Date of release: TBA.