Practical ways to gain confidence.

Found this post because you were feeling a bit shit about yourself because you feel like you don’t have confidence? Don’t worry. We all feel shit about ourself at one point or another. It’s how your deal with it that matters.

A lot of sites say to fake having confidence until you got. But shit dude, I’m not an actor and my lying skills are shit. How the hell do you fake something you don’t know much about if any at all?

In a nutshell I think confidence is just reassurance in your ability to complete tasks to a high/successful standard.

Tasks, any tasks like going out, starting/continuing an activity, doing a regular activity that you have stopped doing or conversing with people.

This can be done in three steps.

  1. To get your confidence back or build it you just have to start successfully completely tasks. Small ones if you’ve come from or recently left a background where you didn’t have a nurturing environment.
  2. Next is to remember the things you completed and did well. Write them down in a book or piece of paper and keep it in a place where if you ever feel down or shitty then go back over and have a look at it. It’s to remind you of your capabilities.
  3. When you look at what you are capable of then you realise that you can do bigger/more complex tasks. Eventually you have the confidence to do pretty much everything.