Tips for creating strong characters

The best tip when coming to write strong characters, regardless of gender/orientation etc, is to write them as human beings. They have strengths and weaknesses, wants and desires, positive and negatives elements in their lives and personhoods. They are people existing in a world that owes them nothing and they must navigate it.

Also when searching for videos of writing ‘strong’ characters, I was pretty much getting results that focus on females. I mean is it really so hard to write a well-defined character that a perons is so affected by gender? One of the comments under this video mentioned was just write a good character but have them female. Are some people so incompetent when it comes to this? I mean ultimately you must be bad at characterisation period.





What’s been happening

For a few weeks I had been working on a supernatural story, but I have stalled on it because I never really planned it out to begin with. So it’s now just sitting there for my next burst of inspiration.

In the meanwhile I went and got a new story in my head. My second sci-fi. So for the last week I’ve been dot pointing my scenes and planning out my chapters. Feels like it has a good flow to it. I’m at chapter 14. I think it’s going to be a longer story than I’ve done in the past, but I’m not sure 🙂 I also think this main character – Ilona, is going to be my most distinctive character yet.