Seven Habits of Highly Effective Artists

I really enjoyed this clip. While I’ve heard the advice before, it’s presented in such an engaging way. To recap the seven highly effective habits of artists are; daily work, volume not perfection, steal, conscious learning, rest, feedback, create what you love.


Stick by your dreams

Stick by your dreams

(I forgot where I sourced this image from)

To fellow writers and artisans if you ever feel doubt setting in don’t listen to it. If your dream is to write a novel, paint a picture, sculpt a figure, or even build a thing, then don’t give up on it.

Just because that one or those multiple people didn’t like your creative work doesn’t mean it’s bad. Just because you think that piece of work you created is bad doesn’t mean it’ll all be bad.

For people who have a calling to the creative industries or any industry for that matter never let doubt, whether it is yours or someone else’s stop you. If you want to succeed in a creative industry remember that times can and will be tough. And the money may not be all that great, but then you wouldn’t have committed to such an endeavor if money was your reward.

But the reward of creating something that is appreciated by other people is something different. They might not understand the full depth of your work but it doesn’t matter. They appreciate it for their own reasons.