20 days of blog posts: Day 2

Wednesday, 1st November ’17: Day 2

  • 8am: started editing what was left of Jumpstart.
  • 12pm: breaked for lunch and food shopping.
  • 1:30pm: finished the last 2 pages. Draft 4 is complete.
  • 2pm: relearnt how to do in document hyperlinks after confusing them with bookmarks 😦
  • 3pm: breaked again.
  • 6pm. began editing the Chloris for the first time in months. The first draft is not even finished.
  • 8.50pm. First chapter is edited 😦 how can it take so long 😦
  • 9.50pm. Second chapter edited. All up only 7 pages have been done 😦 But I think my first draft is pretty good, I’m calling it a night.

20 days of blog posts: Day 1

Tuesday, 31st October ’17: Day 1

I have 20 days until I return to Edinburgh and since I’ve never done NaNoWriMo, I’m thinking I might do something different and post a daily post about what I’m doing during the last three weeks I’m in Australia. This also serves as my accountability buddy since I feel like I should have achieved more when it came to my writing retreat/sabbatical or whatever I’m calling it now.

Here is my first day:

  • Got up at 7am.
  • Edited 15 pages of Jumpstart.
  • Breaked at 2.30pm. Ate, showered, played Tropicano, surfed Youtube.
  • 4.30pm setup this 20-day challenge up.
  • 5pm back to editing. Only 7 more pages done 😦
  • 7pm dinner and being asked to edit a piece of academic writing for a friend.
  • 9.40pm Done for the day.