I got distracted and Feet or Fins is still not finished

I got distracted and moved onto another story.

So when I was supposed to be working on the (hopefully) last edit of Feet or Fins I was giving all this time to another project. Good news is that I’ve written just under 10,000 words of a chronological timeline/draft. At first I thought it would be a trilogy, but it is looking like it’s going to be maybe four or five. I’m still playing around with bits and pieces.

So I just changed the publication date on my book on Smashwords and I’ve also taken it down because I’m not proud of the copy I had online because of the grammar issues. Which I didn’t see until after a friend pointed it out. So here is a sincere thanks 🙂

I’ve gotten about three chapters of editing done before I was like, sigh I’m burnt out with this. I wanna move onto something else now.