New computer

The other day I got a new computer, which I must say it is pretty good. I’ve had my old computer since the beginning of 2008, just after I graduated high school. It has served me through multiple universities and tons of assignments.

But as time wore on and after a complete hard drive replacement a few years ago, it was slowly starting to die. It would take ages for it to think about doing one task, while I, not only did multiple non-computer tasks I also said quite a few swear words.


(image from here)

I had been looking for a new computer since the beginning of the year, but have been putting it off because I figured my computer still had a little bit of usefulness left in her. But not that much because sometimes there is a lag in when I type. Not only that, but all the movies/TV series I downloaded* were also affected by the lag, also the DVD player didn’t read all the CDs/DVDs that I put in it.

I was excited when I got my new computer. It had windows 8 which took me a while to get used to and a touchscreen which makes life easier. I adapted to it fast and in class when we had to use the computers there I would occasionally touch the screen expecting it to do something 🙂 I’m still working things out and I found out the Microsoft word trial I got on this computer does not show up previous tract changes from word documents saved over from my old computer, but it doesn’t matter because I’ll figure something out.

* totally not illegal