Last draft, I promise

Misty-summer-mountain-hills-landscape.-613864370_3000x1926 (edited-Pixlr)I’m going to finish this last draft and I’m going to do it either tonight or tomorrow. I’m just about done with this story. It’s dragged on so much that I could throw it out a window. It’s now at a point where I’m just mostly skimming the words, but my attention span is all over the place and I can’t hyperfocus. I’m halfway through it and God damn I’m done.

Jumpstart edit 8 done

iStock-669387114_1Finally got the eight edit done. It was like torture. I could only do a few pages a day. It seems that my energy for this story is coming to a close. I think maybe one or two more edits (praying to the writing gods here).

I could see that I had repeated some information and cut a lot more words out than I put in. It was all line edits, nothing structural anymore. I think that was done with that a few edits ago.

I reduced the word count to under 22,000. I have a few bits and pieces that need to be fixed, but I’m just glad I got through this round. 🙂

I won’t let myself get in the way of my dreams

I’m pretty sure I failed English in high school with a C- overall grade. Hell even before that, during primary school I scored lower than the state average during this state-wide evaluation of the spelling level of all primary students. Despite my parents telling me about my positioning, I didn’t let it bother me. Probably because I can be dismissive in regards to how others should tell me how I feel about things. In my first year of Sunshine Coast, I got 54 out of 100 in my Intro to Creative Writing class.

That class was a bitch to get through and I even though I felt so bad about my grade that I had doubts about being a writer, I stuck to my dreams. So the class was hard, I’ve never really applied my desire to write into a structured setting before. Creatively writing stories to a set criteria was hard, still is. But I knew that the degree I was in was the right one for me. And I stuck to it. And learnt so much. I think more than the postgrad diploma I did.

You have to be objective about everything in your life. I knew I did ok with the stories I wrote in class, but I do better left on my own. I learnt to build a thick skin and think critcally about how a story, how my stories should be written.

While I’m still a youngin’ when it comes to putting myself and stories on the internet I know that I can handle what gets thrown at me.

My third book

I’m about twenty chapters in on my third book 🙂 About another twelve to go. I’m hoping to have this young adult done by then end of the year. Sometimes writing these chapters have been like scraping nails on a chalkboard. But the closer I get to the end the better 🙂

I want this year to be my most productive so far. I’m 26 and I figured that I should have been further along in my writings by now. And I’ve only got myself to blame for that. But the older I get the better equipped I think I am for writing. You know, I’m more mature brain thinkings and stuff.

So I’m hoping to have the first draft done by the end of May and maybe a second draft by June’s end, or whenever, depends on how things will go.



For the past few day’s I’ve been trying to restart one of my old stories (that will be so great once I’ve finished it), but I just can’t seem to wrap my head around it. I’ve started it about three or four times, but now that I’m older and have decided to add about three sequels I’m trying to fit everything in properly.

I can’t seem to get the first chapter right. I can’t get the voice right. I can’t decide which POV will be the best.

It’s driving me crazy!

I’ve had this story floating around in my head since 2010 and I should have had it figured out by now!

What is it with first chapters?

I’ve tried doing a chapter plan, but I just have too many failed starts word docs in my folder about this story. So much background information floating around getting in the way. Plus missing bits and pieces from my mind that I thought I had, but don’t.

I tried to print out the paper so I’d have something physical to go through, but the printer has decided to fail on me 😦

The entire sutuation makes me wanna cry 😦

This better be it

Realised that I needed to do another draft of my story before I can publish it 😦 After 12/13 edits I’m going to say that I am well and truly done with this book. Once I finish this draft I will never want to have anything to do with it ever again.

My God. Why can’t I just finish it and be done with it!!!!

It always seems like I can never do a good enough job on it. I see problems everywhere and they need to fixed. Where were those editing glasses when I finished the last edit?

Probably smashed on the ground because I threw them out a window in frustration and false resolution.

I just want this to be done. I’ve read other author accounts that imply they didn’t have much problem with their books. And not only that but managed to finishes a bunch of others.

I wanna cry and scream!!!

But that won’t help. I just have to trudge through it like it’s the last part of that god awful hike from my year 11 camp 😦 (Three days camping and a hiking rate of 1km an hr 😦 And when I finally got back to the main site there was still the last steps. Affectionately nicknamed the 55 steps of misery).

55 steps of misery indeed. That is this edit. The unexpected last part of the journey to completion.

Getting into the swing of things

Just had a break from editing my almost complete first novel by starting to write another. I think I might have been a bit burnt out from editing and having one thing dominate my mind for such a long time. But this morning I took my finger out and began to edit it again. The thought of a book to my name has set me in motion again. I’m almost finished, I can almost grab it.

I’m going to finish this draft, then I’m going to send it to a bunch of people on my mentally compiled reader worthy list and then they are going to give it back me and then after I’ve had a minor mental breakdown I’ll edit it again. And again and when I think it’s good enough to publish I’ll edit one more time.


But god damn it. Things worth having don’t come easily.

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