Stories are like dreams

Ultimately I think all stories are dreams of some sort. Whether they originated from sleepy night adventures or awake daytime wanderings, it doesn’t really matter.

For me when I’m awake I can completely space out and dive head down into story that I am thinking of. I will literally block out what is going on around me to think about these stories. And some times these stories are simply better than what is going on around me.

There are times when I’m thinking of a story when it changes to something else or I will be thinking of something that is interesting to me and it begins to take on a life of its own.

I love that I am able to imagine all sorts of things in my head. I think it makes life interesting. I’d certainly be boring if I didn’t think of things like;

  • Don’t you wonder how much like would be different if we laid eggs instead gave birth?
  • Or what would happen if something catastrophic happened to the world around you?
  • Or what if gender roles were reversed?
  • Or what if we all lived in outer space/another planet?
  • Or what if we were enslaved by an alien race?
  • Or what if boobs could fly away?
  • Or what if something about you personally was completely different?
  • Or what if something smooth was rough and hurts to touch?

These are all dreams of some sort because you are thinking about these ideas in terms of emotions, sensations and images.

Ideas collector

One idea is good, many create a story.

i think one of the most important things that a writer should have is the ability to collect ideas. Ideas make a story go from alright to good, from good the great and from great to a masterpiece.

Walt-Disney-on-Good-Ideas(picture from here)

As a storyteller and writer, my stories would be completely shit if it wasn’t for all the ideas that I’ve collected. These ideas can be facts, personal stories from friends, or even people you over hear, they can be pictures, events or something completely made up.

When have an idea or many ideas that you like, you can then mold them like dough and create a Frankenstein monster of a story. This creature should take on an life of their own and when unleashed on the world they should have such an effect that it stays with people for ages.

Sadly many stories are not as great or as influential as Frankenstein, but they could be with an author that collects and molds ideas.