OMG Smashwords!

So I uploaded my first novel Feet or Fins to Smashwords a week or so ago, but I keep getting formatting errors. First to do with the fact that I had change the 2010 word doc down to the 97-2003 version, but now for the last 3/4 times it has been to do with chapter bookmarks in the table of contents. It is so frustrating and I hope I finally got it right.

I put up the book for pre-release because I haven’t got my ITIN yet as I only got around to getting everything in order for it two-ish weeks ago. So I’m expecting it to come in the mail this month or so. It better coz I spent $60 for a US embassy passport certification too. So once I get it in the mail I’m going to submit the W-8ben straight away. Getting an ITIN has been such an issue to me, but I think it is finally over 🙂 It’s going to make every thing so much easier from now on.

Feet or Fins ebook cover

Xmas holiday writings

Over the Christmas period I went back home to my parents and since they have limited internet access I was left with an unattractive amount of time where I would not be able to waste my life away with the internetings. So what does anyone do with no distractions?

Get shit done . . . or at least work towards it.

I was able to finish Feet or Fins, complete a second draft of Laidley Letters 1 and get a rough story plan done of another book, which I think will be easy to write. I even added a chunk to this dystopian one I’m writing. So in all it was a very productive two and a 1/2 weeks 🙂

Since coming back home I’ve just being working and I’m going to work on finally getting my ITIN, which I’ve been lazy about.


My ticking brain

Currently I am in a place where I am tired, as I would call it, from editing. It’s not really burnout because I’m looking at the symptoms now and I don’t fit the bill. I think it might be fatigue from spending all this time and energy on one story.

At the moment with Feet or Fins I’m at a stage where I just want to get it over and done with. I have already chosen a cover image from and have been playing around with the watermarked picture on I’m not really good at working out Photoshop in general I have developed some basic skills that I think will make my cover perfectly reasonable. I’ve sent off my documents to get an ITIN from the US and I expect that to arrive in the post in the middle of next month sometime. The moment I think everything is ready I’m putting it online so I can then go off and work on other things.

But during my hiatus I’ve been working on another story. A young adult one. Some time ago I did a complete word vomit and wrote about 14 short chapters. In the past two weeks I have edited those chapters and finished a book plan of it. And have decided that I will expand it into a trilogy. For some reason I think these books will be less ‘intensive’ in writing because I am drawing on real life instead of making up a somewhat supernatural world with multiple viewpoints. Feet or Fins has a lot of characters and POVs, plus a lot of back story and I have to make sure that the supernatural elements had a good sense of verisimilitude. For me young this young adult book seems to be easier to write. There is only one main character to focus on and it’s set in current society. Apart from this book I have been struck with the writing bug for two new stories and I am occasionally adding the occasional tid-bit to other stories as well.

My brain never stops ticking.