I don’t keep a journal

That’s right, I’m a writer that does not follow one of the most important pieces of writing advice. Keeping a journal. I did try it once when I was like nine. I lost interest after the second day, maybe because I found it a waste of time. After all, outside of writing, I am quite boring. I’m serious, I don’t do many interesting things.

But how do I manage my stories? Well, I do have a bunch of notebooks that need to be filled. I occasionally use them, but I am usually writing my stories in Word so that’s where a lot of it goes. I find it easier to arrange the sequence of events that way.


Decreased productivity :(

In the last three weeks, I have not written as much as I would like. I spent a few days in Germany, then I was sick for another four. And while I thought up another book idea I am still lagging behind in writing up others 😦 I think I might be suffering from writer’s block 😦

I am writing up the sequel to Jumpstart, but it’s going so slow. Perhaps only a few hundred words a day. I don’t know why my brain is so mushy. I know the rough order of events. And work has let me stay in the downstairs part of the restaurant during my split shifts. I have the time.

I read somewhere that writer’s block is the manifestation of a person’s fear of failure so that they are too scared to even try to write. And I feel that. What if I can’t finish it? But that’s a stupid thought because I’ve succeeded with others.

I am a bit worried that I won’t be able to keep the main character the same, but that’s just because I’ve never written a sequel before. I don’t know how this book is going to end either. That’s a red flag don’t you think?

But I have a bit more success with this other book idea. I thought it up while in Germany. It actually takes from this idea I had when I was 20. But it’s a story I never developed that much. Maybe if I do I’ll set it in the same universe or something. I’ve done about 5,000 words of it. I thought that was pretty good, but for some reason the next day I thought that I could have done more 😦

20 Days of blog posts: Day 9

Wednesday, 8th November ’17

For most of the day, I thought that it would be a write off. I only got four pages done before I had dinner. Before that, the most productive thing I had done was uninstall the Sims 3.

But then boom!

I zoomed through the next four pages, I came up with a decent plot add-in for my story and fixed that into the chapter I was up to. It is going to push the story forward a lot. It seems that late night is when I’m most productive.

I feel good about tomorrow’s work, I have had a major breakthrough 🙂 I think it has decent enough symbolism and a message. Here’s hoping to me having the first draft of this story done within a month 🙂


Keep a journal? I ain’t got time for that

Have you ever been told that becuase you’re a writer you should keep a journal or diary?

I have. And it annoys me because I can’t be bothered keeping one of those.

I’m too busy writing my stories to be writing anything else (this blog sometimes included). When I was a kid I did the whole diary thing for a day or two once and I just got bored with it. Even now I couldn’t be bothered to write down my daily life and emotions etc. etc. etc.

Am I the only one?