Trying to find the right YA book cover image

My novella Mental Notes is feeling pretty good, maybe only a few more drafts away from completion, and so I’m looking for a cover image that’ll suit it. Which by the way can be pretty difficult. I’m not designer. I can’t take decent photos for shit and I’d probably frustrate any photographer that I’m too poor and cheap to never hire. But I can use to put text over an already decent image I would have gotten from Good enough 🙂

Currently I have a bunch of images saved in a folder sitting there waiting to be chosen for this task. But the problem is that some are decent pictures in their own context of implying young adult themes. Others are prefered by me subjectively, while objectively others might be better.

While looking online for advice on the best image for my book. I came across this little gem of an article. It talks about all the jobs an image and author has to do to convey what the book is about.

I’ve also put a list of sites that would help (or confuse) someone in regards to YA book covers.

My second book :)

Just finished a 3rd draft of my new book – Mental Notes. It’s a YA mystery novella. This little book just came out of nowhere for me to write it. The genre is so easy to write as well 🙂 Editing this book is nothing like Feet or Fins. I think I might have this one done within the month 🙂 I have done up a page for the book, it’s just lacking a book cover image. But I’ll create one soon.

I should write novella’s more often. This one was a breeze and without the need for an overly complex worl like my other books means I churned this one out in weeks.

Second story on the way – Mental Note(s)

Just finished the first draft of my young adult novella 🙂 Mental Note(s) (the title so far) and it’s just past 16,000 words 🙂

I’ve had the bones of this story since late 2009, but it has changed so much since then. I was thinking that it would be a full on novel, but this shorter style suits it more. At this moment I’m going to leave the 2nd draft for a week or so and then rip it apart. But at the moment I’m looking at stock photos for the cover. I thought I had found the right one the other day, but after going back and looking some more I’ve found lots of others that I’m interested in 🙂