The decluttering process.

I’m due to leave Edinburgh in December, and I’m using this as an excuse to extreme declutter. I’m trying to get rid of as much as I can so that it is easier to move. But there are a few things that still have their hooks in me. A few beautiful nicknacks that I know that I might not be able to find again. Jewellery that despite never wearing, I can’t let go and a few items of clothing that I might use in the future (if I lost weight).

So far, I’ve ditched:

  • Notebooks that have no notes in them.
  • Books I’ve never or will never read again.
  • Clothes that won’t be worn.
  • Shoes that hurt my feet.
  • Accessories that do not accessorize.

All up it’s only been a few bags and a few boxes as I didn’t have much to begin with. I’m now in the later phase where it’s just those items left that have sentimental ties or have a hold over me that I can’t get rid off. I have this fantasy of myself just moving with only one suitcase. Though that won’t happen because we have cats and need to move them too.


How my minimalism affects my writing

Currently, I’m a minimalist and it has come about after years of living a poor uni student lifestyle on Youth Allowance and then afterward I was on either the doll or when working I was saving as much money as possible so I could get my UK visa. I left Australia with only a large suitcase and backpack.

Then when I was in the UK I was fortunate to get a flat with my husband that had furniture supplied. WIN! I’ve grown accustomed to not having a flashy lifestyle, in fact, I think I’ve got a good thing going. I don’t drink alcohol (it tastes nasty and in Australia, its expensive as fuk) and I’m a pretty quiet person (husband recently said I was a lone wolf). I don’t need that much to live on. So having a simple waitressing job is enough for me to financially support myself.

In terms of writing, I agree with the writing advice that say to remove all superfluous words or use only one word if it gets the message across. I had a friend who mentioned something along the lines of that every word I wrote had a place or that there were no unnecessary words. And I was like, yes, that is what I want in terms of my writing.

Why have a hundred words when only fifty will do just as fine? Yeah, it might mean my stories are in the novella range, but I don’t want to be wasteful. If I can write my stories with fewer words then I will.


Why I am also a minimalist

The lifestyle trend of minimalism has been around longer than the name for it. It has only come to recent prominence in regards to its contrast against modern consumerism. A lot of people appear to be joining the trend, but an important question everyone needs to ask themselves is one thing.

Why do you want to become a minimalist?

I’m doing it for financial and creative freedom. By having a low-income lifestyle I do not need to spend all my time at a job. And by not being at a job, I can be somewhere else, like my computer, writing my stories 🙂 Being all like, look at what I am creating!!!! Mawhahah 🙂