Whirlwind few days

Not even a week into living in Edinburgh I have a job trial and fingers crossed I think it might be a deal. So the other night I was laying in bed thinking about how I’ve been a bit burnt out with writing. I had gone and looked at a website that creates pre-made book cover images and got anxious about not writing. So as I laid there I kept thinking about this one image that wouldn’t leave my mind. It was a striking and it got me thinking what story I could create around it. And then BOOM! I got a story forming. It’s a combined vampire/possession story. So I wrote down some of the starting scenes and I’m feeling good 🙂 I might go and continue with it today 🙂

Day 14 of writing

I wrote just under 1200 words today 🙂 I’ve started a medieval fiction story today and I have a vague idea of where it’s going to end. I also have quite a few major plot points already set in the storyline. I actually enjoyed writing today 🙂 I think that maybe I’ve got my mojo back. Knock on wood.

Another story being edited.

Maybe it was a good thing that I had burnout. I’ve just returned to one of my newer stories (which is going to be one of my better ones) and thought up a new idea to insert into it 🙂 Currently I’m editing the thirty or so thousand words I have already completed with the plan of then finishing the first draft straight after. I have a really good feeling about this story. I think after all the years of writing and using my brain matter I’m starting to really get a good grip on storytelling and presentation 🙂 I can’t wait until I get this story completed.

New Book: Beyond Calico 85

Being fatigued with other stories, I’ve decided to go and look over an old story that I haven’t touched in a few months. This sci-fi mystery is only 10,000 words in so it’s in baby stages (I’ve kind of forgotten bits and pieces so its a mystery to me as well) . But going over it has been fun. It’s a lot more well written than I thought it was and I think I’ve nailed the first chapter 🙂

Today I came up with a better title than before and I think that this will also be a novella at most. I’m really inspired again. Only yesterday I felt shit about where I was in terms of writing.

This story is about a small space crew whose just delivered a cargo of supplies to a remote mining outpost called Calico Station 85. This part of space is a new frontier and there are very few spaceships around. Any ones that are, are directly related to the mining operations that populate the area.

Once they arrive they are asked to look into a missing shuttle craft that was the last to leave a decommissioned mining facility. It contains seven human employees and the last of the mining equipment. It was destined to arrive at a new mining facility with the others. Their mission is to find the ship, find out what’s going on and either send them on their way or bring them back to Calico 85.

This is an edit of the first chapter 🙂


New short story idea!

Last night during an uncharacteristically slow night at work, I began thinking over this pretty awesome scene that had appeared in my head days earlier. It didn’t have a place for it in any of my other stories I had and didn’t want to let it go. So I began thinking about other things that I could relate to it, like how such a scene could have gotten there in the first place and what type of people might have interacted with it etc. Soon I had some events floating in my head that felt like they had a really good connection.

I wrote what I had on my notepad and shoved the pages in my pocket. When I got home I thought about it even more and the next morning I wrote out the events of how I saw the story take place. At the time I was thinking that I could make it into a great beginning of a longer story, but I soon realized that it was probably better as a short story.

I have a rough outline/plan and I’m going to try and write it up as soon as possible. Maybe it might be my next project after my other three stories that I’m planning on having out in the next few months are completed.

I’m working on a horror

I’ve just started a horror story. I’ve wanted to write one for a while, but I just couldn’t get my head around the idea of one. I blame shitty hollywood movies. They’re the reason. I’ve been thinking too much in terms of images and not in terms of buildup and suspense like Carrie, by Stephen King.

But I made my mind up work on a nugget of an idea that’s appeared recently. And I’ve been adding to it over the last week or so. I think it’s coming together pretty good. I don’t want an out there gore fest. I want a subtle quiet horror feeling one. So far tI’m up to chapter five, and 3,300 words in. I’m doing a slow build up and I’m not too sure how I’m going to end it, but I’ll think of something 🙂

Synopsis so far;

The story focus’ on a person’s sense of reality. Eighteen year old Unna is the estranged daughter of Tobias, she receives a call about him being in a car accident and returns home to get everything in order. Thinking it had something to do with him metal illness she doesn’t think too much about it. But while staying at his house she begins to get a sense that things are off, especially as right before his accident he had started to destroy his home for unknown reasons.

New story project – Laidley’s Letter: Volume 1

While I’m almost finished Feet or Fins I’ve gone off and become distracted by both work and a new book. This one is a young adult revolving around 17 year old Ada. It chronicles her life as her world changes due to her father’s infidelity towards her mother. I’ve decided that the story is going to be presented in a trilogy and I’ve almost finished the first draft of the first book. It feels like it’s going to be a good one too 🙂 The story deals with trust, relationships, conflict, moving to a new area and how one person deals with it all.

The title of the book ‘Laidley’s Letter’ revolves around the idea that at the end of each novel there will be a letter written by Ada as she attempts to explain her feelings in a concise way. Something she can’t really do vocally. Each book is going to have one of these letters at the end as a conclusion to the book’s contents.

Currently it is in its infancy so it’ll be a long time before it goes anywhere. I’m going to be writing the trilogy together so that I don’t make any mistakes in what info is presented in the book.