London Holiday

View from the Tower Bridge as we walked into the city centre.

Just got back from a week in London πŸ™‚

We flew in and out of Stansted Airport and overall it wasn’t as expensive as people go on about. The only thing we found to be pricy was the long-term accommodation for people looking to live there, other than that it was quiet a manageable trip.

Thursday 19th January:

When we arrived we got the train to Liverpool Street Station and walked through the city and saw along the way the outside of the Tower of London and Tower Bridge (that is the better bridge, not London Bridge). We got an Airbnb place in the suburb of Bermondsey, then we walked back into the city and had dinner at a german restaurant.

Friday 20th January:

We walked to the Imperial War Museum and spent an hour or two there and then went and looked around Westminster, saw the palace and abbey plus Big Ben. We then went to Trafalgar Square, followed by a stroll through St James’s Park to Buckingham Palace. It was the first time I saw a lake that was partially covered in ice! We then wandered off towards Downing Street and saw that the place was cut off with large black metal barricades and armed with armed men. Afterwards we met up with friend and had a lovely french meal in Soho.

Saturday 21st January:

We met up with the same friend from last night and another to go to a wonderful market near Bethnal Green. We used public transport for the first time, taking the train to Bethnal Green tube station. Afterwards we went to The British Museum.

Sunday 22nd January:

Visited the Natural History Museum (with another friend) and spent a good four hours there. I really liked all the taxidermy animals they had on display, but the place was packed and we even had to line up to get in. That night we had dinner at a BBQ restaurant and returned home via the tube.

Monday 23rd January:

We leisurely walked into the city along the river and explored the streets around us (four hours!) and for dinner met up with another friend at Imperial College. After that we hung out in the student bar and then with a fourth person we walked along ‘Embassy Row’, a street that had extravagant houses along Hyde Park. We went to a wonderful Japanese Sushi restaurant and took a bus back.

Tuesday 24th January:

Terrible day. We booked a return bus trip to Cambridge via National Express. But three times they screwed us with directions. The first time they failed to inform us of a change in location. The second time we were given the wrong location and when we rang up again the person on the line didn’t even know the stop we were at, so we were told to go back to the first stop and the bus never came. It was terrible, hopefully we’ll get a refund. I check them out on Trip Advisor and half their reviews are one star ratings. In the end we went back home and de-stressed.

Wednesday 25th January:

After a sleep in we went and saw the Wellcome Trust followed by the Grant Museum of Zoology. That place was amazing. The zoology building isn’t that big, but it is packed with skeletons and specimens of all types of animals and critters. It was so much fun to look at.

Thursday 26th January:

Last day, walked into London and then met up for lunch with another two other people at the same german restaurant we had dinner at on our first day. Then we went to The Alchemist and had a waffles and sticky date pudding. Then we got the train from Liverpool Street Station back to Stansted.

I’ve moved to Edinburgh

I’ve moved to Edinburgh

I left Aussie land on Sunday the 22nd at midnight and arrived in Haggis land on their Monday 23rd. Twenty hours worth of flying and time only progressed half a day. And I only got a few hours sleep the entire trip. And it didn’t help that I had woken up at 5am that day for my last day at work either. My jet lag lasted days (6pm bed, 3am rise).

My entire life, plus a carry-on back pack (not seen).

And this is what I left behind in my last minute haste packing.

I had already thrown or gave my parents like 80/90% of my other stuff.

Β And my lovely Chris was there to meet me at the airport too πŸ™‚ This is where I’m spending the next 2-3 years πŸ™‚

During Flights:

First flight was 16 hrs. Melbourne to Doho international airport. And not an spare seat to sleep on. I got feed a couple of times so that was good. And I watched a bunch of movies. Interstellar, Murial’s Wedding, Hunger games 1 and 2, and probably a few others that I can’t remember.

I did managed to get a few hours? (not sure how long) sleep on this flight. But I’m pretty sure I destroyed airline property in the process. I might or might not have smashed up my complementary headphones. I hung them over the arm rest so I could get some sleep and in a daze/wake up phase I noticed that one of the ear things was ripped off. Then the next time I was awake they were gone. My bad. So I just used mine.

It took so long to get off the plane when I reached my stopover. And it took about 1 1/2 times longer to just go through the airport for my transfer. I think I was one of only three others who was catching the Edinburgh flight. Everyone one else had already boarded when we got on. On the plus side I had no seat neighbours so I could lift up the arm rests like another guy I saw and try to sleep. But I couldn’t coz it was so uncomfortable 😦 I spent the entire time watching nature docos πŸ™‚

David Attenborough for the win!

Then before I know it I’m in Edinburgh 8 hrs later. I got through customs, they checked my visa and then I met my lovely Chris with 24hrs of unbrushed stinky teeth.


We took the bus into the city center and walked to his place. One of the first things I noticed was that a few of the paddocks we passed had stone fences instead of barb-wire, they also didn’t look too different to some places back home. And they have yellow daffodils everywhere. It’s a bit weird since I never see them.

My home is a nice small studio apartment that Chris got sorted some time ago. He went ahead of me by 6ish weeks so he’s been here working/studying on his PhD.

Since coming here I have traveled a little bit over the city. I’m still trying to work out where everything is. Lidl, which is pretty much Scottish Aldi, is fucking cheap as. A pack of 16 kinder sticks is not even one and a half pounds. I’m going to eat so much of that while I’m here.

Me and Chris went to the Edinburgh Medical School Anatomical Museum. That was pretty cool. They had elephant skeletons and William Burke’s skeleton – he was the guy that killed a bunch of people in the 1800’s so he could sell their bodies to medical schools (Irony overload).

And they have this shop called Poundland. Everything inside is priced at single pound. My inner povo uni student is so happy.

On a side note when I went to open a bank account, even though I have a bunch of savings, coz I don’t have a job and married they listed me as a homemaker on my bank account. Now Chris teasers me by calling me Hausfrau >.<

I also got the cheapest phone in a Vodafone store – 18 pounds.

Most advanced technology of the mid-late 90's.
Most advanced technology of the mid-late 90’s.

So far in terms of expectation for weather I’m not disappointed. I expected shitty rainy weather and I’ve got it for most days out of the two weeks I’ve been here. I’m shocked whenever I see someone in less clothes than my three layers. In face I saw a guy in a t-shirt and shorts the other day. It weirded me out.

Look out my window. You can now see what I see every day.

Every day for the last week at least!
Glorious weather every day for the last week!