20 Days of blog posts: Day 14

Monday, 13th November ’17

I had to re-do my book cover for the print copy of Feet or Fins because it was rejected due to the fact that some of the text was too close to the edge. And I only edited maybe a chapter and a half of Save One 😦

I don’t know exactly why I’m slumping. I have all the time in the world, I know what needs to be done and I can’t seem to do it 😦

First month back in Australia

I arrived back in Australia at the beginning of September. I spent my first week in Melbourne and then returned to Queensland. In a previous post, I mentioned that I was going to use this time between visas as a cheap arse writing retreat since I have the luxury of not having to work.

In the first two weeks, I didn’t write shit 😦

I was really bummed about it too. Like why wasn’t I in the mood to write or edit? It’s not like I had stories that needed work. So for days I was in an ‘erh’ mood and then one day boom, I had a thought and I liked it and now I’ve written 10,000 words for it. This is another Sci-Fi novella. Then I had another idea and wrote like 5,000 words in one day 😀 That was two days ago.

It’s strange how finding a story happens. I think that maybe soft Sci-Fi is turning out to be my preferred genre.

Why Some Stories Take Longer Than Others.

Stop. Start. Stop. Start again.

Zoom, zoom, zoom. Page after page.

Why do some of my stories take longer to write than others?

Is it because I’m just not that into them?

Or maybe they are more boring than my others?

Maybe I was never going to be writing at all today.

I finish a chapter than pause, I start the next one and it says unfinished for weeks. But then I open word again and it’s page after page.

The word count passes 10,000 and I pause again.

Is it because I’m lazy? Procrastination? Writer’s Block?

Is that even a real thing? Isn’t it just a physical manifestation of our sub-conscious knowing that there is something wrong with the story?

I change the story’s direction in my head and I write some more.

I pause, I have doubts.

Maybe a break will do.

Let my grey mushy brain churn my story in my sleeping brain.

Maybe in a few days, I’ll have more to add, even though I kind of know where my story is going anyway.