10 days of isoaltion: day 7

It wasn’t until the afternoon that we got a text about receiving the rapid release tests and the negative results. After that the three of us took a trip around the main center of Sunderland and had some drinks in a pub. Prior to those results I found out about low content books on Amazon and decided to try my hand for some limited side cash. I created some and they are pending review atm. Also I’ve given up on my free vodafone sim card arriving so I’ll be going to get one from the store tomorrow 🙂

10 days of isolation: day 5

The real day 5.

I made shepherd’s pie, but I think it could have been better, though everyone loved it. Did some more cross stitch. I also spent most of my day experimenting with creating a journal on word. I’m thinking that maybe I could create a low content book and put it out there and see what happens 🙂 We also did our rapid release tests. We thought we’d get the results that night, but I went to bed with getting an email.

10 Days of isolation: Day 4 again

So apparently I mixed up the days. Today, Sunday 6th is day 4. Don’t think too much about how I mixed it up, I’m not. Anyway, the day five rapid release test arrived. Me and Chris are calling it the Catch and Release test lol. Also, you can get parcels delivered on a Sunday now. We’re going to do our test later tonight and get them in the post so that by Monday morning they’ll be picked up and we’ll get our test result by that night.

10 Days of Isolation: Day 4

Saturday is like every other day. We got our negative results from the day 2 covid test by email. I still haven’t got my new sim card in the mail. Maybe it’ll arrive on Monday. Once I get it I’m going to update my resume and send it out so I can get when I arrive in Edinburgh. I spent the day watching Youtube and playing computer games. Thought more about my new story and watched a new TV series called Final Space. Chris also taught our friend Magic the Gathering. Had Indian for dinner 🙂

10 days of isolation: Day 3

Day 3:

I spent most of the day playing Cities Skylines, spending most of that time working out the public transport. However, before that in the early hours I can up with a potential new story. I’m calling it Fish Boy and I think it’s somewhat decent. Our friend posted the day 2 covid packages and my new sim card has not arrived. We also ordered some ingredients to make Shepard’s Pie for the next day. Chris also ordered that rapid release day 5 test because he wants to get out of the house.

10 days of isolation: day 2

Day 2: June 3

The second official day but the third. It was leftovers again, and I think I have developed a new sleeping pattern. Early to bed, early to rise. We did our Covid day 2 test, and it got a little confusing because the two packets were different and mine came in one less white box to put in the cardboard envelope. Chris’ was just fine. Anyway, we do the tests and our friend is going to put them in the post the next day. I did some more cross stitch and phaffed about online.

10 Days of isolation: day 1

Day 1: The first 24 hours

The first day of house quarantine went fine. I had leftovers for breakfast and found the kitties had settled. My husband told me that one of them had vomited on me while I was asleep. We got Chris’ home covid test in the mail and after lounging in our rooms for most of the day we spent the night watching British TV and I didn’t recognise anyone. We got Chris a cheap fan, and it’s entirely representative of its monetary value. Either we didn’t assemble it correctly or it’s poorly designed. Either way, the plastic blades zoom up and down the metal spoke that spins. I did some cross stitch and watched a unibomber drama series. Had takeaway for dinner again.

So I’m 31 today . . . and this last year was blah

Here I am sitting in front of my laptop, with no window behind it and wondering about the last twelve months in the Netherlands. I arrived in Utrecht just before my 30th birthday and the day before this country’s first lock down. One of many failed attempts to curb the corona rates. At first I thought to use the time to write productively. I had thoughts of 9-5 writing hours like a business and I’d kick arse. I’d write more than ever before and finish more than ever before.

But dear blog reader, it did not go that way.

I did write, however I was unsatisfied with how much I wrote. Yeah, I got out a novella and novelette from idea spark to publication but I wanted more. I was moody, irritated and unsatisfied with myself. And it was a constant. It also didn’t help that I found Utrecht to be a step down from Edinburgh. The tax rate’s higher, health care isn’t free. Food costs more and the language barrier a bit of a wall. Utrecht as a city is expensive and I don’t understand how people can live here and like it. If Covid had hit just a month or so later it might have been better for us as we would still be back in the UK. We went from living in our own flat to a share house . . . for the same price.

And the end of 2020 was terrible. I never mentioned it online before because I didn’t know how to, but my husband was attacked by a former roommate. His wrist was slashed to the bone and he almost bleed out. There was blood all over the third floor landing. However, the police got to us in under ten minutes and gave a tourniquet to him. The roommate got arrested and is in jail under a manslaughter charge. Chris says my steely resolve is what saved him because I kept calm throughout everything while he was bleeding out. (His physio is going great, and he has full use of his hand, thought a part of it has no feeling in it).

To add more unpleasantness to the situation, my husband’s contract was not renewed. This happened before the attack. But not at the fault of him. His workplace is toxic or was, if it still exists in a few years. A third of staff has left since he began and he has won two bottles of scotch from co-workers about making bets on who leaves and when.

The end of his contract also means the end of his work visa and by extension mine. As Australians we can be in the country for three months without a visa so we going to decide at the end of March if we return to the UK (we have residence) or to Australia. What makes everything difficult is that we have two cats. Chris got them years ago thinking we’d be in Europe for years to come. So we have to work out how to transport them and the only pet quarantine facility is in Melbourne and then get them to Brisbane.

Quarantine 2.0

Due to easing restrictions, Covid’s second wave has arrived and is more potent than before. The Netherlands has been put into a second lockdown. It’s not that surprising actually. There were never that many people wearing facemasks. People only wore them when on public transport. I’m not sure how long this one will last, but hey, at least I can do another quarantine project.

Writing during the Quarantine

Time, time, time.

Since March I have all the time in the day to write. For the most part I have spent my time equal parts writing, moaning about not writing, and wondering why my organic self cannot work like a machine. However it has not been a complete waste like I infer. These are the things I have done during quarantine;

  • The Dragon’s Mate: I wrote, edited and self-published this novella in two months.
  • Matt and Rose: A novelette that is just about ready.
  • Those in the Forest: Plan for a supernatural story about an escapee from a recluse cult. Only has a few thousand words have been written. Probably won’t be done for at least a year.