A little bit of an ego trip


I sometimes think that maybe me jumping off the deep end and going after my dreams of being a writer has inspired others. Unless they tell me specifically then I don’t know, but the other day I got a little boost when a friends mentioned that they admired me for going the self-publishing route and putting my work out there. It really made me feel good about myself. So thank you Harry, that really made my day 🙂

Is $2.99 too much?

Feet or Fins has been online for months now and it hasn’t sold that many copies 😦 True that I’m not marketing it as much as I can, but looking at my Smashwords stats page I can see that it is being viewed quite a few times. But not that many buyers.

So I was wondering if the price had anything to do with it?


Is US$2.99 too much for a 51,000 word stand alone book?

I’ve been looking around online and what you can get for $2.99 is all over the place. From a few thousand words to well over a hundred thousand. There isn’t a set guideline for this.

Maybe I should lower my price. But what should it be? $2.00? $1.50? $0.99?

Has anyone else been in a similar situation or have something to say?




Bad Book Covers

I’ve just spent the last few hours attempting to work out Pixlr so I can make shitty sub-standard cover images that make my lack of designer skills very apparent 😦 I’m thinking I’m going to have to go to InDesign to get my needs met.

This has prompted me to google book cover images and I’ve come across a site called Lousy Book Covers. And OMFG, they are terrible. I swear to God I hope I never make anything that bad. And you knows what’s worse? They are probably going to get more attention for their books than I am *starts crying*.

Not only that, but there is a link to an article about a person knowing some of the authors featured and they don’t care. Cause you know any publicity is good publicity.